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Tuesday, May 3, 2016


Look who woke up today.  I spotted him from the tractor this afternoon.  I could see something on the driveway but I first thought it was just some tire marks in the dirt but on closer inspection, it was a snapper!!  Probably just woke up from hibernation in the swampy area and crawled up to the road to head on over to the lake.  Not so fast Snippy!!!  This is not our first turtle relocation - we knew what to do.  Rejean got a tote and got him in.  He wasn't too happy but I think he was too dozy to put up much of a hissy fit.  But he did show us his tongue.  We loaded him up in the truck and let him go in a place where he can't find his way back home or to Axe or to Chub.

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