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Friday, January 22, 2010


Chris asked me last night where we had put all the stuff that was on the wall that we are in the process of finishing. Good question. As you know if you have been up here, we have a lot of "stuff" on that wall, including our fishing rods. Rejean got this idea and he built this stand for 25 - yes 25 rods, that can be pulled up and stored against the ceiling in the garage. Sorry about the one picture - I don't know how to maneuver it to display correctly. But you get the idea. There is even a safety feature built in so that just in case somebody releases the ropes, it won't come down on you and kill or maim you. You have to release the locking mechanism. There is a trick to it. but it is perfect for the rods. You don't need them in the winter and in the summer you just lower the stand and voila - there are your rods. He even put the spools of line on the side for easy access. And his filet board is on the other side.
There is still a lot of stuff we have to remove from the room before we can proceed but it is slowly getting done. Today I sanded and put the finishing coat of varathane on the boards and the cupboard for the keys and fire extinguisher. Rejean finished the door for it today so it is in the process of being finished by me.
Dump day tomorrow. And I have stuff to take.
See Ya Bye


Anonymous said...

you need to get rejean his own tv show. what an invention!!!what are the boards for you are staining(THE LONG AND SHORT ONES)? I HEARD JACK CAUGHT A BIG WALLEYE YESTERDAY AND SOMEONE CAUGHT ONE TODAY THAT THEY ALL HAD TO SIT ON TO REACH THE SLOT-also lots of perch-sistersue

northernbliss said...

The boards are for the wall downstairs. We are starting to put them up. I tried to call you last nite but I guess you were on the computer. I'll try tonite.
Good for Jack!!! Any fish is a good fish!!