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Sunday, January 3, 2010


I have never seen so many people in downtown Thessalon, ever!! The Olympic torch was coming to our little town. Thessalon consists of one main street with one of everything. With a population of 1400 (give or take) it was a major event and I think everyone appreciated that fact. We first hit the Legion for their meat draw. You purchase a chip with a number on it - there are only 30 per draw. Then they spin a wheel and if your number comes up, you win meat!!!! Well, I finally won yesterday - actually everyone at our table won something. My prize was 4 strip loin steaks!! Yipee. I was not winning anything with my name - Janet S so the girl asked me what my last name was so I told her and I won - my first name is obviously not very lucky. The draw finished just in time to catch the torch. We bundled up tight because I think it was about -20C out there - my fur hat is being put to good use. We slipped inside the Sinton tavern once or twice to warm up. Finally it was time. We headed outside with our red mittens on and cheered along with everyone else. A few big trucks went by and we got a Coke Zero commemorative bottle - a treasure I'm sure. Then I saw the flame - I was trying to take pictures with my mittens on and I guess a missed a picture but did manage to get a good one as she was almost by me. When it was all over we went back to the legion for a couple of beers. Then we decided to crash the mayor's house (yes we did) We called ahead of time and Al, the mayor's husband, said he only had 1 beer so we stopped by the local LCBO and bought some to take. I guess you are not supposed to take photos inside an LCBO but they let it slide this one time. We were at Al's for about 1/2 hour and Donna, the mayor came home from the festivities - we talked a bit then we went to the Shoreview for dinner - we were hungry. All 7 of us had a great time Al, Donna, Linda, John, Lynn, Rejean and myself. Who said there is nothing to do up here??
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