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Sunday, January 10, 2010


Yesterday was dump day and I usually go myself. this time I made Rejean take back all the empties - beer cases and liquor bottles. We tend to put off this chore until I can't stand it anymore. We took back a total of 6 empty cases of beer and about 24 empty liquor and wine bottles. Under the bar they had been accumulating from last year. We have lots of empty space now. We also scheduled a haircut Saturday morning. We were both READY for a cut. I don't know why I let my hair grow longer - I like my hair short. And it is short again.

I also got my cross country skiis out and tried them out on the lake. I will have to work on my technique - I tried to go down a small hill onto the lake and, needles to say, it was not a pretty sight - I went down. But got right back up and out onto the lake. I got completely around the lake - it was quite a workout. I had to stop a few times to rest. I will check with a few of my friends up here if I am doing it correctly. I did glide a bit and found it got easier as I progressed around the lake.

Today I went out by myself - Rejean was out cleaning a trail with the guys - and I heard noises from the lake. I got a bit scared and cut my excursion short. The guys say it is just the lake making ice and there is a lot of ice out there and I should be fine. Yea - they didn't hear the noises. Better to be safe than sorry. I'll head out again tomorrow - after I make Rejean check the ice depth with the auger.

I also make pickled eggs today. Rejean got his mother's recipe and I made them today. It takes 2 weeks for them to be ready to eat. I'll let you know how they turn out. I personally don't like them but it's like liver - I'll cook it but I won't eat it.

Well, I have to go do my exercises then relax on the couch. Tomorrow I get to walk Choco, a big chocolate lab. Ron and Mary are babysitting him and they have to go to the Sault. So I'll head over at 1pm and let him out. Should be fun.

See Ya Bye


Anonymous said...

ut your skiis on and have the dog pull you on the road-have fun-sistersue

northernbliss said...
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northernbliss said...

If Choco sees the fox I could wind up in Chapleau!!! ;o)