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Tuesday, January 5, 2010


The other day when I went to turn on my heater fan in my car, I heard a noise and then the fan sounded bumpy. We thought it was ice or something had fallen into the fan. We put the car in the garage to thaw out and see if it made a difference - it didn't. It sounded worse. We opened the hood and checked around. At first inspection we could see nothing. Rejean pulled a panel from a place right below the windshield and he found a mouse nest. It was stuffed with a fluffy pile of stuff. It pretty much filled the space. Plus there was an abundance of bird seeds. On closer inspection we could see the mouse had chewed thru the screening. We would have to access that area from inside the car. He pulled the fan out and there was a freshly killed little mouse.
That mouse had it made before he got a little curious. He could have spent a nice warm winter in that space - there was enough fluff to keep him very warm and enough bird seed for the winter. But, curiosity killed the cat - er mouse. Too bad.
See Ya Bye


Anonymous said...

You should have your wires also checked out. Mice like to eat the insulation and chew on the copper wires also. You wouldnt want to be in middle of now where with car problems it happened to us. Could be issue down the road.
Peppermint Oil will keep them out. Couple of drops on small cotton ball place it in the places they might get into you engine.

Anonymous said...

are you not feeding those at your bird feeders along with every other northern creature? poor little mouse. he had a mom somewhere that will be missing him on mouse's day(hehehe)-sistersue