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Friday, January 15, 2010


I can finally begin my part of the new project - the finishing. You can see the detail of the glass in the pictures.
It is very thick and you can feel the texture on both sides of the door. The hardest part was the discussion of how we wanted to finish the wood on the door. We had choices of leaving it clear pine and just varathaning it, staining it black to match the cabinetry and the bar (future projects) or a stain to match the red in the pine knot holes. We decided to keep the clear pine finish - which means 4-5 coats of varathan with sanding between the 3rd & 4th or 4th and 5th. That is my job and, if I do say so myself, I do a good job. Then there is all the trim for the door and we have to locate a glass similar to the door to go above it in the transom windows - I called some places in the Sault and it sounds like they have what I want. I have a doctor's appointment in the Sault next week so it presents a good opportunity to check it out.
It is always good to be involved in a project. But it is so many details....
See Ya Bye

ps - you can get the same door at Home Depot and I hear they are going on sale - all interior doors 15% off. Wish I had waited.


Anonymous said...

If you had waited; it could have ended up as a moose pants moment.

Anonymous said...

what's moose pants moment?? is it up-north-talk?-sistersue

northernbliss said...

Moose pants means that he who hesitates is lost - meaning if I hesitate to buy something that I like, when I go back to buy it, it is gone. It happened to Chris when she was going to buy Egon some fleece pants with moose on them - she hesitated and then when she did go back, they were gone. Now we say "moose pants" when you see something you like and you hesitate to buy it.