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Wednesday, January 20, 2010


We (Rejean) got the door in place and trimmed today (notice the beautiful finish on the door), and the transom windows are framed in. I did have a doctor's appointment in the Sault tomorrow but they called and cancelled it until Monday so that is when we'll get the glass for the windows. They will be in place probably on Tuesday. We also cut the pine to size and did the "V" cut on the ends. Now my job really begins. I have to finish them all - we have enough cut for the wall the door is on. We also have to put in a drawer for the kindling and we already have a big drawer for the wood. Rejean will put a door on them both. And, you can barely see it, there will be a slot for all the keys to be hung up and a place for the fire extinguisher. One thing I learned early on living up here - you have to hang your keys up or you will lose them. With all our company and all the stuff laying around, it is very easy to lose them - and no, it is not an old person thing.
I really like the door - in the morning, it lets light into the stairway. It is very private too. It distorts images from either side. I do have to give credit to Rejean for he is the one who picked this door out at Home Depot. I had my eye on a 6 or 8 panel french door with the decorative glass in it but he liked this one. And now I like it too.
Weather up here has been very mild. Today it was sunny and mild. Not good for the ice fisherman - but everyone says the ice is fine. Rejean was supposed to go ice fishing in North Bay with the farmers but decided to stay home. There is a spring fishing trip that he will, for sure, go on. John is planning a gathering on Axe Lake off the island. Everyone will have their fishing hole and we'll have a bbq and a big fishing derby. Sounds like fun!!
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Anonymous said...

i'm with Rejean on this one-the door look amazing-maybe cause you did the stain??-love ya-sistersue

northernbliss said...

Why yes, I did do the stain - how nice of you to comment. Today I tackle 48 long boards and 48 short boards. No rest for the wicked...

Stacey said...

Looks good!