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Tuesday, January 26, 2010


We are getting there with the panels and doors and shelves. See my kindling drawer? It holds two rows of kindling. It's great that you don't have to chop some up when you don't want to. It's right beside my big drawer for my logs. There will be 2 raised panel doors, like the one beside the door (notice the new "water" glass above the door) And above the kindling is a shelf where the binoculars will go. I like them to be handy to the outside - just in case you see a moose swimming across your lake. Rejean will work on the doors tomorrow, I'll do the finish on them and then they will be all set to go. The we start the pine. There is enough for the whole wall. I still have a ton more in the garage to finish but I'll do that next week. It will be good to get one wall done. We are already using the panel next to the door where we hang the keys. The fire extinguisher is also housed in there.
We finally are having some winter weather. Believe it or not I missed the winter cold, the snow and flurries. It's winter, not spring. It's nice to be cold.
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