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Sunday, April 10, 2011


That's one big bottle of vodka - from Costco in Alberta - great for Cesar's!!! Let's have one now...
Admiring Mitch's new fishing rod - an 11 footer - great for the river!!!

Mitch arrived at 1pm this afternoon - 28 hours on the road to get here. Just in time for lunch - the guy has great timing. After they were fed we headed over to Axe Lake - Mitch was ahead of us and came to a road block - John and Linda had planned it once they heard Mitch was coming - you have to drive on their property to get to his place - I don't think the toll was too high. Mitch was in the process of unloading his truck - filled to the hilt I might add. The guys headed over to the bunkie to discuss the water situation - John and Linda paid a visit along with Robin and Randy and their grandson Walker. I put stuff away.

Mitch brought up a big box full of Life magazines from the 60's!!! I know what I will be doing for the next couple of weeks - I love those magazines!!! After I finish with them I will return them - I promise.

Mitch just arrived and we will be bbq'ing smoked pork chops Jack brought - I made a salad, corn and baked potatoes - no desert. That should keep them going until breakfast. I just realized all I will be feeding them this week is pork - I have pulled pork sandwiches for lunch, pork tenderloin, ribs, and a spiral honey ham. It is the other white meat!!! But I don't think they will complain.

See Ya Bye


Anonymous said...

Hey...there is my photo of Chub Lake Loonatic in the sunset. I remember that Larry moved the canoe around so that I could capture our favourite loon in the last sun rays... Nice to see it somewhere else. Have you ever met the guy? Loonatic is quite an icon on Chub.
Have a fun visit, Ute

northernbliss said...

Yes, I lent Joanne that picture - it is still one of my favourites - there are a few pictures that are on loan - I will get them back.