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Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Even Mitch needs a ladder sometimes
Mitch attaching the cable on the monster tree
Bystanders are well out of the way
Perfect landing
Wrong picture but you can see the tree that was taken down
Everyone came out for the big event
Blocking the tree with chainsaws - I told them to make them pickupable size
Using the cants to move the log
Joanne's garden snail survived but a rake didn't - my fault for leaving it out
More fire pit stools

Today was the day - we would be taking down a monster tree - it eventually measured 83 feet tall and 8 foot 4 inches in circumference - we discovered it was starting to rot so it was a good thing it came down where and when we wanted it to. Rejean brought over his cables and hitches and they were strung on a couple of trees - eventually hitch to the back of Mitch's big Ford truck - Jack would be responsible for moving the truck when the time came. I was in charge of 2 cameras in movie mode. I put one camera on top of the other so I got the same movie on both cameras - and considering my tremor, it turned out pretty good. My tremor gets worse when I get excited so you can imagine the outcome. John and Clarence also came out to take pictures and videos of the event - some excitement on the lake. I had to put Toby in the sauna house just to keep him safe and out of the way. Rejean was standing with Mitch while he used his chain saw to make the cuts. He watched the tree and directed Jack when to put tension on the cables. It came down exactly where they wanted it to. And did it make a noise - like thunder. It crashed to the ground, missing all the other trees and came to rest right beside the fire. How convenient for us to throw the branches. They guys got to work first cutting off the branches so Jack and I could feed the fire. After about 2 hours you would never know that a tree had been felled in the area. Good workers!! Mitch and Joanne now have a few more seats around the fire pit and enough wood for fires galore. Now we have to split it...but tomorrow is a day off for us workers - a well deserved day off I might add.

See ya Bye


Anonymous said...

Stacey (aka Ultraprincess) said...
Could you set aside a couple logs for us? I want to make side tables with them. I'll need pieces that can stand upright and be flat enough on the top to balance/ fit a drink or plate on them
Are Aunt Joanne & Uncle Mitch going to take care of Stacey's request. Looks like they can spare a couple of logs

northernbliss said...

Yes, we have some logs for you - they are hemlock so they will last a long time. And if they are not yet flat, we have the technology to make them so.

Karen said...

I'm happy to hear that you're keeping Toby safe from falling trees! And that my Dad is getting out and socializing up there. Have a great weekend and enjoy your fires!

Anonymous said...

So what did you do on your day off ?