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Sunday, April 17, 2011


Their feet were not made for waking on ice - funny!!

They were calling for it and it was cold out there but who'da thunk it!! We woke up to a proverbial blizzard this morning and it is still snowing out there - albeit not as hard. The birds were not too happy - there were flocks at the feeder so I went out to put some more seed down for them. Lots of Junkos!! I noticed the raven on the ice feeding on something so we were out and took a look - it looked like a big fish - either a bass or pickerel - was being consumed on the ice. The otters may have been here earlier and caught it and left some on the ice for the ravens. It will remain a mystery.

We also had a pair of Black Ducks on the ice yesterday - they were just preening then went for a dip in the exposed water along the shore. The ice is slowly retreating but I imagine today's weather may slow down the melt a bit.

We are heading over to Mitch's this afternoon for a sauna, then back home for some ribs and home fries and a salad. Gotta keep the big guy fed.

See Ya Bye


Anonymous said...

Nice photo's When is Mitch heading home ? Looks like lots of snow and bad weather west of you. He might as well stay until spring

Anonymous said...

Are we going to see snow angels?

northernbliss said...

Sorry, no snow angels or boob imprints today. And Mitch can stay as long as he wants - he is making me a Cesar right now - extra spicey with lots of rimmer.

Stacey (aka Ultraprincess) said...

Sorry about the snow :-(

It's gotta dry up so you can start training for your first trail race in September!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Did you send that white stuff down here? Not nice