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Monday, April 11, 2011


Mitch - taking adown a big one
Not much brush left - some burn holes in the blue tarp and in my hoody

Woke up to two Canada Geese on the lake - a little early as there is no open water yet. they were gone the next time I looked. We headed over to Mitch's to help him with tree felling and burning. I was in charge of the fire (yeaaa I like fires) but it took a long time to get that sucker going - I must have burned a month's worth of Windsor Star newspapers. It rained all day yesterday so it was a bit damp. But we got it going good and managed to burn a ton of brush. Mitch was busy with the chain saw. He opened up an area around the sauna house. Now they will have sun during the afternoon. Sun is better than privacy anytime.

Toby was over looking for his treats. John and Linda had gone to town so there was no one else to play with. He just hung around, slept and found a bone to chew on. He is no bother. He stood on the dock for a minute or two then trotted across the lake to Joy and Arnold's. He must have been checking if it was safe or not and he decided to chance it. I was ready to go to his assistance if he fell thru the ice. I don't know who would have come to my assistance...

I fed them chicken parmigiana tonite - a break from pork - and there is enough for lunch tomorrow for them. I have to head into town first thing in the morning to get some stuff Rejean forgot to get today. A quick trip.

See Ya Bye


Karen said...

I'm happy to hear that you're keeping an eye on my Toby!!! Maybe my Dad should accessorize Toby with a life jacket or water wings???

northernbliss said...

We love Toby - he is a fixture on Axe Lake - He spends a lot of time at Joanne and Mitch's - Joanne has a tin called "Toby's Treats" John was wondering where Toby was and he was with us - just relaxing in the sun today.

Karen said...

I sure am missing Toby here in London but know everyone adores him up at the lake. I have a three month old black lab, Jet, and will be bringing him up to introduce to Toby. Hopefully Toby teaches Jet the ropes! Maybe I'll see you over the Easter holidays!