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Monday, April 25, 2011


Rejean starting to paint the trailer

Jet and Toby getting treats from Linda (I cut off Linda's head - sorry)


I saw a Sun Dog today - if you don't know what that is, google it. It was a perfect rainbow encircling the sun - completely. I was trying to get in the full sun to get warm and I looked up and there it was. I have never seen one before - Wikpedia discusses various forms of it. It was about 1pm when the sun was almost at it's highest.

And our Loon is back. Our lake is about 80% clear of ice and the ice that is left is very thin - we have had a number of different kinds of ducks plus Canada Geese - we have had Common Golden Eyes, Buffleheads, Common Mergansers, Black Ducks - every day there is something different. And today I saw my Loon. Just one, but that is how it always is - his mate appears a few days or weeks later. Maybe this year, we will have babies...

Also, Toby has a new brother - Jet. Clarence's daughter brought up her new puppy - a black lab just like Toby. Toby is teaching him to fetch balls (he has already shown Jet where the treats are in John's garage). Toby lets Jet know when he has had enough - after all, Toby is 13 years old and Jet is just 4 months old. (I think I have my numbers right).

We are still working on our trailer - Rejean put the finishing coat of paint on it today and it looks great - we just have to spiff up the boat and we will be all set. I think we are going to christen the boat with some left over 51 Proof Navy Rum that Bill used to drink. I call it evil Navy Rum.

It was a beautiful day today but rain is predicted for the next 5 days - just when Eddy and Barry are coming up to help us with the wood. I hope they like to play Dominos...

See Ya Bye

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Karen said...

You should see Jet now! He's a 50 pounder! And SUCH a good boy too. Hopefully we'll see you this August/September when we're up for some fun with Toby!