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Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Just like in the summer - Mitch in his shirt sleeves
The guys working on levelling the dock - even Toby was helping
John and Toby checking out the work at the end of the day.
I didn't have to go to town today - they cannibalized the old pump for spare parts for the new pump - it is up and running perfectly thanks to Rejean and Jack. Mitch and I continued our work on the trees and brush. A few more trees were taken down and the big ones will be done tomorrow. We will be packing chains and come-a-longs for that job.

But what a beautiful day today - sunny and 13!! And it is supposed to be the same tomorrow - if I wasn't working so hard I would be tanning on Stacey's deck - maybe another time.

Bob, John and Linda came over for a short visit today and we sat around on the deck in the warm sun - you really get the sun now with some of the trees down. More sun is more important than privacy - and the view is spectacular.

The guys are watching the debate right now - and I am blogging - what does that tell you...

See ya Bye

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Karen said...

Toby sure earns his keep around there, eh? He's working for all those treats :)