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Saturday, April 9, 2011


Toby, the camp dog - I found his treats in the cupboards Joanne. He is happy now.
Clarence and John - the Master Syrup Makers
Where the magic happens
I think this tree is on Joanne and Mitch's property - just saying...

Mitch is coming in tomorrow so Rejean and I were over at his place getting things ready. John is helping Clarence do his maple syrup on the lake. There are a number of pails hanging off of trees on the road in to Joanne and Mitch's place. I believe one is on their property!!! So I mentioned this to Clarence and John and they have assured me that Joanne will get her share of the golden syrup. John goes around on his 4 wheeler collecting all the sap from the trees and delivering it to Clarence's wood stove. It is quite the setup. A lot of people up here have a maple syrup setup. Maybe next year I'll see if I can get some going. When we bought our property, there was a sugar shack with hoses all set up. But it was in pretty bad shape so we didn't keep it. But it was a good spot so I know where to go - easy access too. Some Cheney Lake Syrup - I like the name.

We had to take our freezer to the dump today - only 6 years old!! The fan was making weird noises and the other day it quit. We called around for replacement parts and were told that the company is now out of business and the parts are practically non-existent. We paid over $900 for that freezer. We managed to stuff all our frozen food into our existing fridges (notice I said fridges) We are using 3 fridges now. One upstairs, the new black one and now our old one. We still have one in the garage that is in use during tourist season. I'll be looking for a brand name smaller freezer now. I hope nothing else goes - it usually comes in 3s. :o(

Jack is coming in tonite - the 3 brothers in law will get to play together. I'll be cooking...

See ya Bye


Karen said...

Can't wait to get up and see Toby and Poppa Beavers at the cottage soon! And I hope that my Dad has the pancakes cookin' to go along with that tasty syrup (although Linda thinks it's wishful thinking)!!!

northernbliss said...

The sap is flowing good - I think John said that there could be about 7 gallons!! I'll let him know about the pancakes!!