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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Back on the Chain Gang

You thought Winter was hard work...spring is worse. Back to hard labour!! We are cutting trees for fire wood and have found a good spot on the other property. We blazed a trail up the hill and cleared the way. There was a big oak that had fallen over the trail and Rejean cut it up with his new chainsaw. Works Great!! I loaded the pieces into the trailer and hauled them down and unloaded them by the garage - there were some big pieces and they were heavy!! But - I got it done and tomorrow we are making a full day of it. I'll bring the camera and take a picture of a big hemlock that was hit by lightning - the bark was just blasted over a large area - pretty amazing.
The ice is almost gone off our lake and the frogs are chirping!! There are a couple of ducks in the lake as well and I'm predicting the loons will be in by the weekend. The snow is pretty well gone in the bush and it is actually a bit dry - I did see some bugs today so tomorrow we will take the bug spray - nasty black flies and those other pesky things.
Dock guy gave us a quote and it is waaaaay over what we were considering - we'll talk to him tomorrow and see what we can work out.
See ya bye

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