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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Finally a Day Off for Good Behaviour

No hard work for me today - first the meeting this morning that got a bit heated at times. I took my tape recorder and got every word now I have to transcribe it. A lot of the locals had some good questions for the MNR and logging guy. It appears the ministry has to "change" a few words on the maps they issued before we will be satisfied with the outcome. They said it was a "misinterpretation" on our part. I don't think so - how could we all be wrong. This is our neighbourhood we are trying to protect - they say they are just doing what nature would do in a fire and what would we rather have - a fire or logging.
Then to town - first I don't have arthritis that I self diagnosed myself with. He said it was nodules on my tendons and he could send me to a plastic surgeon to have them cut my tendons or inject it with steroids - I said no thanks. I can live with it.
Got my chairs and loaded them into the truck all by myself - that was a sight but I got them home ok. Now I just have to wait until the dock is built to place them just so on the end of the dock, facing the sun with my cocktail on the matching tables. Can you just see it? I'll have to get a "do not disturb" sign and hang it on the back of my chair. I'll get a picture of them tomorrow - it's too cold to do it tonite - so I will leave you with a picture of the sisters with fish. Good Times!!!
See Ya Bye

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