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Thursday, April 24, 2008


Talk about hard work!!! Yesterday was hard but today was harder. We got quite a pile going but the trees were a bit bigger - and by being bigger they were heavier!! I have put off my weights and running for the week because I am getting enough exercise doing this stuff!! I had my steel toed boots on but what I really needed was steel fingered gloves - I smacked my finger on my left hand yesterday but I really smacked my finger on my right hand today - carrying a big log and hitting your hand against the trailer - UGH. I swore a lot. I tripped over a branch while I was loading the trailer and that's how it happened - you can bet I cleared a path for the next load. No pity from Rejean - "you should be more careful - watch what you are doing" well I was and it still happened.
Kenny and John stopped by in the afternoon to give us a hand - John's arm is still bothering him and he quickly disappeared. Kenney lost a load of wood on the way down the hill but we got it cleaned up.
More fun and games tomorrow - we need another full day of cutting before we have anough - then my favourite part - the splitting. I like to see and hear the wood split - it is always a surprise to see the power of the log splitter and the ease in which it splits the wood - that tractor has paid for itself many times over.
It hurts to type....
See ya Bye
ps - we are going over to Linda and John's to watch the hockey game - GO MONTREAL!!

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