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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Quote Time

As this year has been dubbed "the year of construction" I guess we need the quotes. Yesterday we were in town talking to the Dock Guy - J.C. who will be coming out here tomorrow to give us a quote on the dock. A few options were discussed yesterday and it was decided to go with a "lift Dock" with legs. It will be about 12 feet deep where the longest legs will be and he says it is no problem. We had been thinking of a floating dock but he said it would MOVE with people on it - no way - when I am sitting out there in my easy chair with my cocktail in hand I want no motion at all. It will be 26 feet long six feet wide with a 10 foot T on the end. That's where I will be - on the T. We've gone all these years with no dock and I promised a lot of people we would have one this year.
Also Basho was over for the addition - as soon as they finish their project we are next. We just have to get Terry to bring the fill over so there will be room for the addition (without slipping over the edge to the garden)
Should be interesting.
Other than that notion new - still chilly but sunny - if only that wind would die down....
See ya bye

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outwest gal said...

Nice chair, I can just see you sitting on the dock in it!