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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Pull Over Lady!!!

I got pulled over by the OPP last nite!!!! Just a little background - Rejean, John and Kenny were supposed to go smelting last nite in Thessalon, but because it was a bit windy and there was a hockey game on John and Kenny backed out. Rejean was all hyped up about it and I decided to go with him so at 9 o'clock last nite I was putting on my long johns, turtleneck, sweatshirt, heavy sox, touque, winter gloves and winter coat and my winter boots and heading down to Thessalon. We arrived and about half the town of Thessalon was out with their flashlites, nets and pails all looking for these little fish. We got a spot and Rejean started scooping the net through the water (it is pitch dark at this point) I am pointing the flashlite at the net to see if there are any fish in the net (no) so he scoops again. We must have been scooping for a good 1/2 hour before we got one little fish. It was slow going but in the two hours we were there we managed to get a couple of dinners worth of fish - each scoop consisted of either 1 or 2 or 3 fish - never any more. My hand was frozen because I had to dump the fish in the pail with my hand (I didn't want to get my gloves wet). But people were treating this event as a social outing. We met Frank who was very friendly - he was visiting at the house directly across the street and I said I would signal with my flash lite when the fish started "running". He offered us hot coffee after we finished but we decided to go home. It was about 11:30 by this time and believe me there were no cars on the main street in Thessalon. We headed up highway 129 and because of the hour I was going about 80 k just in case a creature jumps out (I usually go about 100) I saw a car pull a U turn and follow another car pretty close but we soon lost sight of them. A little further up there was the OPP car pulled over to the side - as I passed he started following me. I put my cruise on at 80 and watched in the rear view mirror - he was following close - then the lights started going and I pulled off. I knew I wasn't speeding and I wasn't driving eratically. I got my driver's license out of my back pocket (thank goodness I brought it) registration and insurance and I was watching in my mirror for him to get out of the car - next thing you know there is a knock on Rejean's side - it surprised me - it was a woman OPP officer and she must have seen the net and pail in the back because she asked about it - we explained about the smelting and we were on our way home - she asked if we had had any alcohol and we said no - she then took the papers back to the cruiser to check things out and brought them back shortly and thanked us. Now up here we usually take "travellers" with us and if it had been a nicer night we might have brought a beer or two to drink while smelting - thak goodness we didn't!!! Just goes to show you you never know when or where you will be stopped so think before you do something like that. Tonite when Rejean goes with the guys they are going to have a designated driver - and it won't be me.
It took over an hour to clean those little fish - they better be worth it!!

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