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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Back to Work

Yesterday was a rest day and boy did I need it - my hands really took a beating - I had beautiful bruises on both my middle fingers from smashing them and my forearms were quite bruised as well from carrying the logs. I displayed them for all to see standing in line at the Legion in town for the fish fry - war wounds - that got everyone trying to find little cuts and bruises on themselves to compare to mine - it was fun. It helped pass the time in line waiting for the delicious fish dinner. For $12 it's an all you can eat white fish, cole slaw, baked potatoes, buns, pickles, and a sundae for desert with your choice of strawberry or butterscotch topping (butterscotch is my favourite). We usually go a little early and head down to the bar downstairs to see Al the bartender (married to the mayor of Thessalon, Donna) There is a pool table and a great straight board shuffleboard. It's fun to see all the people who show up for this function - there is all kinds of characters. Small town people are the best - everyone knows each other and greet each other warmly. We are getting to know a lot of people ourselves from going to these events.
Saturday we headed into town and then went back to the bush for the afternoon - we got four trees down, cut and piled. Tonite Rejean, John and Kenney are heading back to Thessalon for the smelt run (along with practically everyone else in town and Wharencliffe. I've never eaten them but I have feeling that I will tomorrow. I'm staying home and relaxing.
Tomorrow we are heading back to the bush for more work - I have recouped a bit and am looking forward to more hard work (yea right)
Montreal won as did Detroit (what a great game!!)
Joanne my sister is doing a 1/2 marathon tomorrow in Calgary - apparently it is going to be 10 degrees and not -10 with snow. Good Luck Joanne!!
I have decided to downsize my marathon event in October to a half - I am running for the first time but I think I may be a little too ambitious for a full. I will save my first running full marathon till next year for the Nike Women's Marathon in San Francisco (the medals are given out by firemen in tuxedos!!!!) So I will register for the Detroit Freepress Half Marathon tonite!! Chicago was cancelled due to not being able to find accomodations at a reasonable price.
See Ya Bye

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