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Monday, April 21, 2008

Getting Ready for Winter

Yes, even tho it is starting to be nice outside we have to get ready for next wood.
We rotated the dry wood and piled the newly split wood in the wood shed for the inside wood stove. There was a nice pile of cedar that I like to use for kindling. It split nice!!
We got about 4 cords of wood from that pile. We also got a good idea of where we will cut the trees for the other wood for the garage and new addition. There will be a wood stove in the dedicated work out room in the new addition so that also needs its own wood pile. We should be doing that this week.
Ducks in the stream and the lake. I don't know what kind but I thing they are mallards - 2 females. Now that things are warming up creatures are starting to move around. Linda said that the female fox has had her babies - we haven't seen any foxes around here for a while.
The weather was perfect for tanning and we took advantage of it after our hard work - very nice.
Dock guy called but we weren't home - he'll call tomorrow morning - wonder what the dock will come in at????
See ya bye

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