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Monday, April 14, 2008

A Little Visitor

Actually this picture was taken about two months ago so that snow is almost all gone - thank goodness. We have about four little foxes that come around - one is too shy to come up to the house but the others do. I feed them - just like everyone else around here. They usually get chicken hot dogs (99 cents at ValueMart) and some leftovers. Today one was around so I got out the hotdogs and broke it up into smaller pieces. He ate one or two then buried the third. I just left the remaining pieces on the ground for him. He proceeded to try and fit them all in his mouth at the same time. He would have two or three pieces in his mouth then try and pick up the rest - one or two kept falling out but he was persistent and finally did pick them all up. Was it funny!! Hey - up here you take the entertainment where you can find it and I was certainly entertained. I laughed. I think he may have been taking them back to the den - there may be some babies!!!
But it was a beautiful day - sunny, warm (7 degrees) and no breeze - if we weren't so busy with the closet I would have been out tanning on the deck. But we were working - I painted the closet doors. We had to go into Thessalon to give blood today. So no time for fun.
Time to relax - See ya bye

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