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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Just Another Day

And what a day it was - we hit the bush early at about nine and by the time we were done we had taken down about nine trees and have a good head start - we had a good routine - Rejean would cut the tree and I would measure the 16 inches where he would cut the logs - I would load the trailer and haul them down the hill to the garage and unload them - then up the hill where Rejean would have another one down and ready to load - NO BUGS - it was a great day to be in the bush.
During lunch we explored up the hill and I found another antler!! Only the second one in 25 years - I was pretty happy with my find.
My camera was not charged so I couldn't take it with me and take a picture of that tree that lighnting had struck but there is always tomorrow.
AND the ice is out today and guess who is back? The Loons - I swear they circle the lake until the ice is out then they land - they'll chase all those other ducks off the lake shortly. I've got my fingers crossed for some baby loons this year. We haven't had any for the past three or four years. We are due.
It is great to lo0ok out the windows and see the water - it's been a long winter.
See ya bye

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