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Thursday, May 15, 2008

An Elected Official

Well I am now a Trustee on the Board of the Wharncliffe Citizen's Committee as of last nite. There was a meeting of the board last nite to discuss the future of the hall which took a beating over the winter - the walls are caving in and it has been closed to any further functions until the insurance company can come in and take a look - also it was election nite and guess who was elected - me. I agreed to be on the board because I feel it is my duty as a member of this community to do whatever I can to make it better - and it is in need of work. There are no younger members of the community any more - they are all moving on and the population is getting older (as I am) so there is no one to do the work and people feel someone else will always do what needs to be done - well I am that someone else. Well see what happens.
Rejean was out this morning helping the Northshore Fisheries release some beautiful brown trout in ----- Lake (a true fisherperson never reveals their spots) They released 480 brooding stock - all 2-6 lb trout and another 400 bigger fish next week (guess where I'll be fishing this summer and fall - I have never caught a brown trout before so it will be an adventure - and me with my fly rod).
Tomorrow I am on my way to Windsor with a passenger - Courtney - I'll be dropping her off in Tecumseh and she'll be travelling back with me as well. I have already got a full social calendar for the time I am in Windsor - can't wait.
See Ya Bye

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