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Monday, May 5, 2008


Well I am still alive and I will never question the wisdom of Rejean again. It worked like a charm. I was afraid that the tree would fall on the cable and yank the truck back and I would be killed in the process - I even put my seat belt on and was contemplating wearing my helmut. BUT nothing happened except the tree came down exactly where it was supposed to and my little pine tree at the bottom of the steps was spared - two branches were on either side of it and it was never even touched!! It is all cleaned up and, besides the stump, you would never even know there was a tree there - we also took the little cedar and the other small pine tree down. I got to drive the tractor and work the bucket. Rejean pushed the logs into the bucket and I drove them over to the trailer and loaded them into it. I must admit I am quite good at it now. I put her in four wheel drive and drove down the hill and got the load of logs, drove up the hill and lowered and dipped the bucket into the trailer. I should have been a farmer. The two loons were around today as well - they seemed to be curious as to what all the noise was about - they are used to us by now. They show no fear at all. I am having trouble with Picasa so you might not get the action photos until tomorrow but I have them.
Rejean is going netting on Jobam with the 2 Rons tomorrow so I am going to be raking my garden (what's left of it) and the spetic beds - the only grass I have to cut up here. It is supposed to be sunny and warmER so maybe I'll get some sunning in. I'll keep my fingers crossed.
We went to get our hair cuts yesterday at Robin's - getting ready for my trek to Windsor in two weeks - trying to look civilized I guess. It's my annual trip to the big city when the fishermen come in - I don't like to muck with traditions. It also gives me a chance to visit with my friends, family and the malls - even tho I love it up here I still need a dose of shopping every now and then. Can't wait!!
Now I'll try and get some pictures for you.
See Ya Bye

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