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Thursday, May 1, 2008

Mission Accomplished!!

Well we are finally done the fire wood - worked all day today from 9 am to 4:30 pm - nice and sunny and NO BUGS yet. We must have done about 15 or 16 cords total - my wood shed is full and Rejean has enough for his garage. We are still using wood for fires - we had one on this morning and we are firing it up again tonite. Still not too warm.
After dinner we had desert and went for our first walk on the mine side - couldn't fine the bear spray but went any way - I can run faster that Rejean :) Saw a grouse - nice and big and me without my gun....and a bat. He must be eating something - they are our friends - they eat tons of mosquitos (is that the way you spell it?) Also Rejean heard an owl and rubbed it in that I can't hear them - they must hoot at a decibel that I am unable to hear - must be from all that loud rock and roll music from my youth.
That's it - just another day in paradise....
See Ya Bye

By the way for those of you who think I had professional help in this blog - I did it all by myself - there is a link on this blog to "Create a Blog" and that's what I did - my pictures on on Picassa and it has a link to "Blog This" and that is how the pictures appear - and I changed the background without help, too. It's easy - if I can do it you can do it - it's fun.

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