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Monday, May 5, 2008

I'm Still Here

I must address a complaint I received from one of my faithful blog readers that I did not blog on the weekend....well I need a day off too. I have been working my ass off for the past week or two and I needed some downtime. I forget what we did on Friday but Saturday I wne to town for supplies and we threw John from Axe Lake a surprise birthday party at the local Chinese Restaurant in Iron Bridge (not bad food considering it is located in a very small town - all you can eat for $10.99 - but not licenced - all the Axe Lake people sitting there waiting for us and all they could drink was water or pop - not a pretty sight) I had a hard time thinking about what to get him for a present but while I was in town they were repairing the main road and the workers had on their blaze orange work shirts...eureka!!! That's what I got him - a blaze orange work shirt for when he works on his road he will stand out - but actually I got it because when he comes home drunk at night and falls down Linda will be able to find him in the dark (just kidding) He liked it soooo much he wore it to the dinner. We passed some time before we had to have him to the restaurant by going to Red Rock Dam - on the way to Iron Bridge - we do pink salmon fishing there in the fall and usually the water is low. But take a look at it now - I have never seen it sooo high - it was just amazing to see the power of the water coming thru the coffers. And where we fish was totally under water - I bet the water was up 15 feet because all the shore line rocks were no where to be seen.
WOW - after the meal we went back to Linda and John's for cake - he was 63 and Linda couldn't find a six to put on the cake so she bought 3 3s - 3+3 is 6 + 3 is 63 - Axe Lake math.
Sunday we cleaned up all the branches over by the garage where we split the wood and also cutmore wood from a tree that had fallen all by it self - an easy day. Then I got my minutes of the Loggers meeting done - thank goodness - it was pressure - like I was back at work. Remind me never to do that again. It was also dump day!! My favourite day - Erla the dump lady and I talked for a bit and I will meet her on Wednesday at the dump to clean up the dump!! All the little plastic bags get blown all over the place and if you don't keep up with picking them up they get out of hand - I like the dump to look nice (does that make sense?) so we will spend the day there picking up garbage.
So there it is - my weekend. Today we are taking down the BIG tree next to the house to make way for the fill and the addition - I will be driving the truck that is attached to the cable to pull the tree a certain way - I don't think what Rejean wants me to do is safe but - I am insured and life does go on.....if you don't hear from me tonite.....
See Ya Bye

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