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Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Well my favourite plant has finally made an appearance - I call it the testical plant but it's real name is the pink lady slipper but I think it looks like testicals and that is what I call it. Actually they look very familiar....only kidding to those of you checking yourselves.
They are becoming very rare because they are almost impossible to transplant and people still keep trying. They only grow in certain areas - usually under oak or pine trees and the soil has to be just right. We have tons of them growing around here and they are beautiful. There is one growing just beside the road so I'll have to put a rock in front of it so no one drives over it.
They are orchids.
Today I washed my kayaks inside and out and put them down by the water so maybe tomorrow I'll take the first ride on the lake - I hope I don't fall in as the water is a wee bit cold - we had frost last nite. Today was sunny but chilly and tomorrow should be a bit warmer and still sunny so I just may take a chance - but the bugs are out in force - black flies and mosquitos looking for blood.
We'll go fishing tomorrow nite for walley at Pig Pen so wish me luck. I hear the secret bait is Gulp Alive 3" minnows so if you want to impress your friends get some of that - Canadian Tire $20 - worth every penny.
Well that's it for now - I don't do exciting things everyday you know - just some days - maybe tomorrow.
See Ya Bye

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