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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

What The Heck Was That????

Well it rained all day here and my clean up the dump day was cancelled until tomorrow when it will be nice - figures. Hopefully it will not be an all day event and I do hope to take advantage of the nice weather and sit on the deck. We are supposed to have a lot of help so maybe it will be a short day.
I went into Blind River today to drop off the water sample and do some shopping in the "big town" bigger than Thessalon and the grocery store does have a better selection which translates to having my salad dressing.
On the way home (you do scan for wildlife up here) I saw what at first glance was an ostrich but - come on Janet - there are no ostriches up here. It was tall, and brown and had the droopy wings but I realized it was a Sandhill Crane grazing at the side of the road. Usually they are grey but apparently this one wasn't. I am used to seeing the Great Blue Herons up here but it is always a treat to see the Sandhills - they are quite noisy when they fly over - you can always here them coming.
Well just a shorty blog today - I emailed Stacey and asked for a reservation for next week at the mansion - I get out of Dodge when the fisherman come.
See Ya Bye
ps - just a picture I liked today - nice fish Ricky!!

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