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Friday, May 9, 2008

Getting Back Into The Old Routine

Today I did my first garbage pickup along the highway. I didn't do it during the winter because my mode of transportation was put away - my fourwheeler. They are stored during the winter because you really can't use them because the snow is so deep. I got 1 1/2 bags full of stuff - usually Tim Horton's cups (all the Roll Up The Rim To Win cups had been rolled up and all loosers) water bottles, pop cans, and beer bottles and cans (I made 70 cents today - supplementing my pension) I return them at the end of the summer and hope I make big bucks to buy a hamburger at Ozzie's. I also found a reflector that I brought home and - believe it or not - it was off of Rejean's fourwheeler - he must have lost it last year because we haven't had the four wheelers along the road since last fall. I should buy a lottery ticket with that kind of luck but I would have to drive 10 K to the Trading Post to do that and I'm not.
I usually do the garbage run on Saturdays but being retired I can do it any time I want!!! With tourist season fast approaching I am sure business will pick up :)
AND Terry and Kim were over today to look at where we want the fill and Kim and I were talking and I mentioned my finger/tendon problem - she said Oh you have trigger finger!!! So I looked it up and voila yes I do. But I can live with it.
That's all for today - tonite we'll go for our walk with the bear repellant we found finally. We are safe!!
See Ya Bye

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