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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

All Set For Winter

Finally got the wood shed finished and filled - we had Rick and Joan helping and we did it in a couple of hours - surprisingly all that wood fit into the new shed (I got some pine kindling and does it ever work well). I'm all set too.
Another day of baking yesterday - from 9am til 4:30pm and I took Cheryle and Joan with me to help - there were seven of us and we had a full day of baking meat pies and fruit pies and butter tarts - I don't want the recipes just as I refuse Joan's cinamon bun recipe. I want to be able to move up here. At the end of the day I asked if there were any extra baked pies I could buy for dinner and lo and behold, I walked away with a roast beef pie for dinner. Yum Yum.
Today I went into town with Joan to get ready for tomorrow - apparently the gang on Axe Lake got tired of waiting until we had a party for our 25th wedding anniversary so they called and said they are all coming over tomorrow afternoon. Thank goodness I have my secret Coney Island Hot Dog recipe to feed the masses. Just cans of Stagg chili and onions and mustard - just delicious. There will be fun.
Rick and Rejean went hunting yesterday with Gerry but only one bird was killed.
Tonite we eat it as an orderve (however you spell it).
Barb and her son Jody will be in tomorrow as well, probably to close the cabin up - we'll have a turkey dinner for them and Cal and Sal - I told Barb to bring Bill's ashes with her as I am sure Bill would enjoy the ride. She is going to have the memorial in the spring she said but that's no reason to leave Bill at home. Mom and Dad were portable as I will be.
Then on Monday Andrew and Stacey and Sadie will be up so another Turkey dinner - Yum Yum.
Well that's about it - dinner will be prime rib ala George Foreman - it is the only time I eat prime rib and it is delicious. Rick and Joan always make it up here so I never turn it down.
I'll take some fotos at the big party tomorrow. Cheers!!!!
See Ya Bye

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