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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Back On The Treadmill Again...

Yesterday I started back on the treadmill - I think enough time has passed since the marathon and it is time to get back to it. The break is over. I will also start with the weights as we aren't that active in this type of weather. We don't stop in the summer - it gets dark so early and with the time change, it will be pitch dark at 5pm. No time like the present to start training for the Nike Woman's Marathon!!!
It is raining today so I will be doing some inside stuff - like cleaning out my closet. If I haven't worn it in a year, it goes to the GoodWill - yes they do have a pick-up in Thessalon (altho I think it may be for another charity) And there is tons of stuff in there as well as up in the attic in the garage - all my old work clothes. Up here you tend to wear the same things over and over - like jeans, t-shirts or turtle necks and sweat shirts. We are going to a lunch for the NorthShore Fisheries on Wednesday and I will just wear some clean jeans and a sweater - you don't dress up up here.
I also have to start packing for Florida - that has just snuck on me. The marathon took up a lot of my attention and you wake up and realize that the trip is just 6 days away!!! And look at the american money situation!!! Being the procrastinator that I am, I haven't got my spending money yet - I will pay through the nose for it.
Rejean is mudding the new addition today - we drywalled the ceiling and we can't do anything until that is done. We are heading into the Sault tomorrow to get his truck looked at and do some shopping - looking at wood stoves for the work-out room and tile for the shower. I am leaning towards white and black. I saw a commercial on tv the other day where the 16 inch white tiles were interspaced with black tiles randomly placed. It really got my attention and now I have to find it again to show Rejean because he needs to see it too. Do you think I can find it again? No.
10am now so I guess I should close this off. Thank you Susan for your input into the new colours on the blog. It is a different season so I think I should have a new look. What do you think???
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