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Saturday, October 25, 2008

What Do You Think???

As many of you have already notices I changed the screen on my blog. I need your opinions on whether I should keep it or not. You are the ones going to be reading this so I value your opinions. Andrew "tweaked" the blog so I should be able to read your opinions without you needing to have a blogger address. Try it. Chris has already said she is having trouble reading the print. Let me know ok.
Dump day today and I fulfilled my duties - ran into John, Joy and Arnold at the dump - it is a social event. Last nite we visited poor Ken - he has to go home early - he was going to be hunting with us and even put up his tree blind a few weeks ago. It will be a litte difficult for him to climb the tree with crutches - we were discussing a pulley system where he could be lifted up into the tree stand but that didn't get very far - I think he would have done it.
I also picked names for the Christmas Eve extravaganza at Lise's house - being a procrastinator extrodinaire they are lucky I did it before Christmas. Rejean was also on my back - how annoying.
I also have decided on the BIGGER suitcase for Florida - just to be on the safe side. I will see how much it weighs empty - it seems heavy so it won't be my fault if I am over the weight limit at the airport - last year my one suitcase weighed 48 pounds - how in the world with summer clothes did it weigh that much???? I always overpack. I really don't need 10 t-shirts do I?
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Anonymous said...

i like the new colors,just like fall the colors change.the place is Florida looks just like RELAX ENJOY YOURSELVES-SISTER SUE