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Friday, October 24, 2008


Yesterday I roasted a 10 pound chicken!!!! Yes, they really do grow that size. It was like a small child. Jack and Sue had brought it up during the summer and it was taking up a lot of room in the freezer so out she came. I had just read a recipe in one of my mags about cooking a 12 pound turkey so I thought that would apply to my situation. I did remember to remove the stuff inside like the neck and heart etc. Food for the foxes. It is not easy to prepare a slippery 10 pound anything so I had my hands full. It turned out beautiful - all brown, just like the picture in the magazine. Tons of gravy and it was good - I added a wee bit o'white wine just to give it some pizzazzzz. Yum Yum. Who said I couldn't cook. The foxes enjoyed their dinner.
I picked garbage yesterday - it had been quite a while since I had done it and on my runs I did notice I had to get to work. I got 3/4 of a big green garbage back full of coffee cups, beer cans and bottles, cigarette packages (I don't pick up the butts anymore - there were too many) and water bottles. But I did find a TREASURE!! I found a pail!! It still had the sticker on it. Perfect for something. I added it to my pile of treasures that has consisted of a full roll of duck tape, a new fishing net with the price tag still on it and I have picked up all the wooden stakes they used for the highway work a couple of years ago. They did come in handy. I really don't mind picking up the garbage - if I didn't, my little stretch of highway would look like sh-t. (I didn't spell it all out because Mr. and Mrs Barr are reading and I have promised I would keep it clean - er. HI!!)
I can't believe in this day and age that people still roll down their windows and throw something out! I will clean up after them but I curse under my breath when I pick up a broken beer bottle in the ditch, or a Tim Horton coffee cup.
Tonite we will go visit Kenny on Axe Lake - he had a little "accident" on his four wheeler - I believe he is lucky to be alive. He is in his place alone so to cheer him up I'm going to call the Post and see if they carry any "girly magazines" to keep him ... occupied.
That's it for now - the picture I am posting today is the three sisters in our cocktail pants that Joanne bought for us. There are little cocktails glasses on them with olives and stir sticks and the words Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner - see how well we follow orders. Can't tell we're sisters - we all had our sage green fleeces on - good taste.
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