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Saturday, October 11, 2008

How Time Flies

I can't believe it is October 11 today. It just seems the summer has flown by. We really didn't have nice weather until Labour Day but September and October have been fabulous - the leaves have been spectacular. I hear that coming up I75 and on highway 17 the leaves are not as good as up our highway. The reds, oranges, yellows and burgandy - like I've never seen.
The party was a success as usual. It's nice to have everyone over but it is nice when everyone goes home as well. They were all gone by 10pm. the coney island hot dogs were a hit and, as a matter of fact, that is what we had for dinner tonite - and they were still delich. I hate being the centre of attention but when the party is in your honor you have to be able to suck it up. After a few Caesars you just go with the flow. Linda and the rest of the people from Axe Lake chipped in a bought us a squirrel fountain - picture above. It is not something I would have bought but I kinda like it. The fox has even given it a few sniffs. She even tried to carry away the cord this morning but it was attached and she didn't get very far. I'm waiting for her to try and take one of the squirrels off the fountain. I have her sitting up on her hind legs to take food and even touching my leg with her front paws to reach up for the food. And still as gentle as ever. She is a sweetheart and I consider her my "pet" - low maintenance. I can enjoy her antics but still not be a full time owner. She shows up when she wants to. The male still comes around - hey, maybe next spring I'll be seeing little kits. The loons don't breed anymore so maybe the foxes will. Getting back to the fountain, we'll hook it up next year but everytime I get a quick look at it I think it's a real squirrel just for a split second. A water feature in the garden. Joanne and Skip got some pictures of my fox the last time they were over and she framed three pictures of her/him in a picture frame - the one in the middle being me feeding her - a nice gift. It was nice to see everyone.
Barb and her son Jody were up for a few days, closing up the cottage. One night we ate at Cal and Sal's, the the next night we ate over here (turkey in a box for 8), today we went over and had a couple of beers in Bill's honor at his table. I used the alcohol as an excuse to ask the questions I didn't know answers to. Bill and Barb had a long, colourful past and there were some things I just never knew but now I do. They could have written a book. It was good to see Jody again - he brought pictures of his son Dylan - what a cutie. And Barb wasn't feeling too good but it was good to see her again and talk about Bill. It's just not the same with him. He is missed.
Rick and Joan left this morning so we had a few hours of just us until the next group comes in tomorrow. Stacey, Andrew and Sadie will be up tomorrow. I don't think I will be seeing the foxes for a few days.
I got my run in this morning - 32:30:20 - at least I am consistent. In one week it is the marathon - Sunday in Detroit - I hope there isn't a Lion's game again this year. We finish at Ford Field on the 50 yard line. Then you have to walk up many many many many stairs to get your free food and to get out. Obviously the person that planned that didn't run the marathon - you can barely get over a curb let alone the stairs. I am looking forward to our traditional french fries and gravey at the Michican Tavern in La Salle afterwards. You don't muck with tradition.
Well that's all for now - it is a nice quiet evening in front of the tv - I'll probably be asleep at 8:30. When you stop, you drop.
See Ya Bye

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