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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Just Call Me ....Betty

I went to my first "cookie exchange" this morning. The ladies of Wharncliffe are closed for the season and we had a little get together for one final bake off. I had to look for a recipe for cookies that was easy and that I had all the ingredients (I hate reading a recipe and I don't have the ingredients for or if it has green peppers in it) but no cookies I know of have green peppers in it but I hate green peppers - just thought you would want to know. I had to go through the garbage to retrieve a little recipe booklet for the little button cookies I made - so easy peasy. They turned out good!! No one was more suprised than me. Phyllis made these shortbread turtle cookies - lots of chocolate - Vickie made fudge that, by the time I left, hadn't hardened yet and Cheryle made her world famous popcornballs. I forgot my camera or you would be looking at a picture of all the goodies. I am not a dessert person at all so I am not looking forward to trying everything out but Stacey, Andrew and Rejean (and Sadie) may be finishing them off.
This past weekend was absolutely gorgeous - warm weather and just a little breeze. Rejean and Roger were putting up deer blinds and I helped. We now have two permanent blinds, four tree blinds and I think about eight portable blinds that will go up soon. Lots of acorns around so maybe the deer will be hanging out. I saw some huge moose prints on the little road to the mine side - he came down one day and back the next. I don't allow anyone to shoot moose on my property - they are so big and ugly they deserve to live. Deer? OK - I just think pepperoni on the hoof. Yum Yum.
It is raining out right now so I am catching up on my blog. I head to Windsor Friday for the marathon so don't expect any new news until I get back. Think of me at 7am on Sunday out in the cold and standing in the port-a-john line trying to keep warm. One year I missed the start because I was still in line - I had to push my way through the elite runners and tell the marshall that I was a walker and what should I do (they let the walkers start early back then) They told me "Just Go" so there I was all alone trying to catch up to the other walkers. All the spectators were thinking I was real slow because I wasn't with the pack - but this year I am running (well my style is run for 10 minutes and walk for 1 minute) Poor Stacey will have to slow right down to stick with me - we will go over the finish line hand in hand and with a big smile for the camera. But next year we are doing the full Nike Woman's Marathon in San Francisco where the Tiffany medals will be presented by firemen in tuxedos!!!!!! Any excuse to run a marathon eh?
Joanne, my sister and Jodie are talking about joining Stacey and I and maybe some other friends.
Well have to get back to work - you too.
See Ya Bye

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