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Monday, October 27, 2008

All Shopped Out

Another successful shopping extravaganza with Rejean in tow or should that be me in tow. We were out for supplies for the new bathroom and he was a man with a mission. He had his lists and flyers and measurements and his tape measure - real men don't leave home without them. First it was Canadian Tire where we speed shopped for oil for my car, looked at wood stoves and shower fixtures, taps and tile. We did buy eventually a shower fixture and a towel rack for the upstairs bathroom. I also got some new hunting gloves - they didn't have women's sizes so I had to get a man's large but they are mittens and they have a pocket for the hand warmers so they were a good find. Then on to Soo Mills that is like Home Depot only smaller - we saw our wood stove there. A Drolet Adarondak - smaller and on sale. Sold! We also got a black stone vanity with a white sink in it - 31" with a four inch centre for the taps which we also got. Nice ones. There are two handles with a higher arched facet. We also got the shower attachment that slides the hand held shower head higher or lower. With an extremely tall brother in law - Mitch - we need the extra height. We did squeeze in lunch at Wendy's for some much needed energy. I love their chili!!! I also have decided that my shower will have white 12" or 16" white tiles with a black border of some kind with black grout!!! I saw a picture and it looks really neat. But....I may change my mind - that is my perogative. I have my Visa card on ice.
We have to go back to the Sault tomorrow (Tuesday) because they had to order a part for Rejean's truck. I feel another shopping day coming on - this time for food for the hunters arriving on Friday - Ed just called to see if Rejean likes Chicken Fajitas - these guys cook for themselves - soups, stews, lasagna - you name it. I hope he makes the fajitas when I get home.
Also bought lots of bird seed and dog cookies for the foxes - they just love them.
My Florida trip is coming up fast - the end of this week!!! Can't wait for Thursday - the real start to my little vacation.
See Ya By

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