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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

All Shopped Out Again

Waited 1 1/2 hours at the dealership for a part to be installed that ultimately didn't do a thing for the shimmy in the car. The mechanic obviously didn't take it out for a test drive. We can't take the car back now for a couple of weeks - after hunting season.
Got the rest of the shopping done - the boys will not starve.
We installed the new towel rack in the upstairs bathroom - looks great. It is a hotel towel rack, chrome, and holds the bath mat on the bottom and towels on the top. The old wood one was badly bowed and looked like - you know. I got a matching one for the hand towel on the other wall. They will go good with the new shower we bought at Costco when we were down in September. We have all the stuff we need for the new bathroom to get started - the plumbing etc. After everything dies down here and the hunters are gone and I am back from Florida we get started on the new bathroom and workout room - I want it finished by tourist season next year. I actually want to be in the new workout room this winter. I just have to get crackin' on the pine - lots of boards to sand and varathane. I'll just put my tunes on and let it rip.
My fox was here this evening - the female. She buried a piece 0f meat right in the middle of the
front driveway - that trap rock must have hurt her nose when she covered it up - they use their paws to dig the hole then they push the dirt back with their noses - funny to watch. The trap rock is sharp on dogs feet - Sadie always goes home with sore paws.
Another fire in the wood stove this evening - it is routine now - a fire in the morning then another one at about four in the afternoon that lasts until evening - keeps the place toasty.
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break out the new hats!!!!!