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Tuesday, April 20, 2010


We got Joanne and Mitch to the airport by 5:30 am on Sunday - we left our place at 3:20 and I thought we had plenty of time - we hit the Tim Horton's and they ordered their breakfast sandwiches that took a bit more time than expected. We even saw the pilots of the plane at Timmy's but they left about 10-15 minutes before we did. When we finished we got in the car and noticed the time - 5:20 and it still takes about 15 minutes to bet to the airport. We booted it and got them there on time - even the ticket agents said they were cutting it short. But they were on their way. They had a great time and got a lot of work done. They will be back in August along with Susan and Jack - another good time.
When we got back home on Sunday we just took it easy because we were back to work on Monday. Rejean hit the garage and started the doors to his mother's cabinets - he has to make 13 raised panel doors. He will stain them and then it is my job to finish them off with the varathane. I worked in my garden - turning the soil over - when we first started the garden the dirt was horrible but after a few years of taking care of it, the soil is nice. I got the shovel down about 6-7 inches for the turn. All good soil. It is still too cool to plant but I am ready. Today I washed all the windows up stairs and tomorrow I tackle the downstairs windows. It has been beautiful - sunny and warm. I even get a bit of tanning in over at Stacey and Andrew's. Just about 1/2 hour a day. But it is nice. Tonite we get our hair cut and I need one. You feel sooooo much better after a hair cut. And tomorrow we are invited over to Ron and Mary's for a fish fry - they have some brook trout and perch - they always put on a great dinner.
Friday Rejean's hunting buddies, Eddie and Barry come up to help get the plot of land seeded with stuff for the deer and they also offered to help with the fire wood. It is still down in the valley ready to split. We do that next week.
See ya Bye

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Ok you promised Pics Where are they???