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Thursday, April 8, 2010


They called it and I predicted it - sort of. I knew we would get another blast of winter and it happened this morning - we woke up to about 2-3 inches and it didn't stop snowing all day - it turned into freezing rain and ice pellets later on in the afternoon - needless to say I did not go to town today. Tomorrow I'll go. But it will be gone by tomorrow afternoon - don't worry Joanne - nice days are approaching.

We worked on the cabinets again today - I put the finish on the second cutting board. And finished up some more drawers. Ron came over and gave us some venison steaks, roasts and ground meat. I see a beer and deer dish in the immediate future. Yum Yum.

Just a side note - for those who know me I have been walking and doing weights for about 12 years - great exercise but after a while it gets a little stale. I was watching Canada AM and they were rating exercise DVDs. She gave a good rating to Tony Horton's (of P90X workout fame) 10 Minute Workout DVD. I went on line and checked it out too. Good reviews so I ordered one from Sears. It came in yesterday and I have been reviewing it myself. Not bad. And if you have more time (which I do) you can do a combination of the workouts. I shall keep you up to date on my personal reviews. You know my mantra "If you stop, you drop." so I'll keep moving and you should too.

See Ya Bye


Anonymous said...

Don't believe her Joanne It's a trap! Looks like Mitch & Joanne will need a snow machine too !

Anonymous said...

Nah - it will be gone later on today ;o)