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Wednesday, April 7, 2010


No Rejean does not have a light bulb for a nose - just the way I took the picture. Working on the full extension slides. And his torn pocket is where he clips his tape measure.
A beautiful cutting board made out of maple from our bush. The slides lock into place and all it takes is a push and it closes up. Just the right height for his mother to make meat pies (yum yum)

Some of my handiwork. These are the doors - not raised panel because they are smaller and narrower so the raised panel would not look good. The bigger doors will be raised panels.

My work area in the finishing room. That is a lazy susan. I put the piece I am working on on it and you can rotate it and it makes it sooooo much easier. I have varathane in the coffee can - that way you don't contaminate the whole can if you have a bit of stain in it.

The cabinet with the cutting board in it. Two drawers below it. Again the drawers have full extensions with an easy close feature - you push it so far and it closes by itself!!! I don't have that in my kitchen ... just saying.

Today, as well as yesterday, I spent all day in the garage working on the cabinets. My job is to sand and apply the varathane to the sides, doors and face frames of the cabinets. Rejean does the staining - buy one day I will be good enough to do that ;o) I enjoy the work. I have learned a lot during the years and all the projects I have worked on. I finished all the pine downstairs and the cabinetry in the bathroom. I find it relaxing. There is an art to it. You have to have a light touch at the end to ensure all the brush strokes are going the same way and you have to be careful about drips. I rarely have drips!! After the second coat has dried you lightly sand the area and apply another coat of varathane. Then, because I wanted to, I lightly sanded it again and applied the fourth coat. They are like silk. Nothing but the best....
I'll be heading into town tomorrow to get groceries for the first group of tourists - Joanne and Mitch are flying in on Saturday. Yeaaaa. There will be days of work and days of play and saunas!!! Mitch will finally get a look at what he bought. He can't remember too much having seen the place for only 1/2 hours before he bought it. Mitch, take it from me, you did good!!!
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Anonymous said...

he's not rudolf the lite isn't red. Nice cabinets, do you rent him out and how much do you charge?

northernbliss said...

He's busy for the next 4-5 years - can U wait??