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Thursday, April 29, 2010


From the left - rainbow, brookie, brookie
The guys gearing up

Barry,Ed and I headed out to the Mississaugi river at about 10 am, by the time we got everything loaded into the truck - we did forget the walking sticks - but there were plenty to choose from on the river. I dropped off Barry and Ed and headed to my spot up the river. I had no bites but Barry got a rainbow after his 2nd or 3rd cast. He also had another hit. I headed back to the guys - Barry was casting into the rapids so I cast into the pool below the rapids. After a couple of casts I got a beauty brookie. With my long rod it is difficult to net so I backed up towards the shore and got Barry's attention. He came over an netted it. I put it in the creel with Barry's rainbow and got right back out there. After a while I got a bass - which I released because it is not in season and then on the next cast I got another brookie on. I could tell because of the flashes of orange - I had it on for what seemed like a long time and then as soon as I got it close to shore it spit the hook!!! Bummer. That was 3 fish for me so I went back on shore and got Ed's attention and he came over to where the action was. I found a nice comfortable spot on the rocks and watched the guys. Barry was trying to get a fish that was taking all his bait - worms and spawn - he finally got it - I netted it and it was another beautiful brookie - I think it was the one I had on. 3 beautiful fish in one spot on the river and the weather was beautiful - blue skies and not a cloud in the sky - it was about 60 degrees. Perfect. When we got home I cleaned the fish for the guys to take home. Rejean spent the day trying to finish the hardware on the cabinets but apparently he had company for the better part of the day. Hard to get any work done when that happens. They are in the garage tonite loading their 4 wheelers on the trailer and just packing stuff up. They are leaving on Saturday and we are leaving on Sunday. I have to clean my house do a wash and pack. Busy Busy Busy.
Tomorrow there is the fish fry in Thessalon - we can't miss that!!!
See Ya Bye

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Nice fish, If you get tired of retirement you could start up a Guide Service in your neighbourhood. Ha Ha Ha
I told you Girls Rule !
So if you arent coming down until Sunday, does that mean we will be able to get together on Friday ?
Maybe we could arrange a Fish fry for you. We will be back thursday afternoon TTYL