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Friday, April 23, 2010


My 4 wheeler with my driftwood held in place with bungee cords - nice pieces
Sorry Joanne, that won't fit on the 4 wheeler or on the plane :-(

Mitch on his Machine - he loved it!!!

The group at the foot of Joy's Peak continuing the trail ride

Joanne and Mitch were here for 1 week - work came first on the agenda. Rejean and Mitch fixed the taps in the shower and the water source in the lake. Their water is now clean and odor free. They took their first shower the day before they left. They used ours the rest of the week. We managed to get in 2 saunas - very nice. Very relaxing. Joanne and Rejean jumped in the lake and Mitch got his feet wet - I haven't done that yet. I'm chicken. Joanne, Mitch, myself, Joy and Arnold got a morning 4 wheeler run in and we went to Joy's Peak - my first time there. It is a view that Arnold discovered and hauled a bench up there and carved Joy's Peak into it. As a gift to his wife Joy. How romantic!! We also found the water levels to be very low at Tunnel Lake and the driftwood was accessible. I got a couple of pieces - I bungee corded them to the front of my 4 wheeler - Mitch needs some on his new quad. What kind of person rides a quad with out bungee cords wrapped on the front?? An idea for Christmas.
Gotta go - my company just arrived...
See Ya Bye
ps - more pics tomorrow - they are on the computer downstairs in Eddie's room

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