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Friday, April 23, 2010


These aren't our tourists - these are cows

Looking at stuff
Rejean, Barry and Eddie respectively

Barry's nice trailer - he made it himself!!

Barry and Eddie arrived just in time for dinner - Mushroom and Beef Lasagna - first time making it and I prefer it to regular lasagna - everyone liked it. Salad and a loaf of fresh sour dough bread - my downfall but I maintained. After dinner they unloaded their 4 wheelers and we took a ride over to the work area - where the wood splitting will take place this week. Eddie is a madman on his machine so I think this week we will have to take a ride on FootPrint Lake Road to let him go fast. We also rode over to the other property to look at the gravel and mulch - that's what we do up here - we look at stuff. But on the 4 wheelers it is fun. Tomorrow is the first day of work for them - I have dump duty and then finish my varathaning on the cupboards. They are looking good.

See Ya Bye

ps - the cow picture is of a herd I pass all the time on the way to and from Thessalon - they were all laying in the sun today and they looked happy so I took a picture of some of them.

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