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Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Some of the equipment used for the fire wood - tractor, quads, trailers etc.
Rejean's shed

That stack of lighter colored wood on the left is cedar - kindling - G O L D ! ! ! This is my wood shed.

My wood shed is full!!!! Rejean's wood shed is full!!! We are working on John and Randy's now. We only have tomorrow to get the wood out of the valley and up to the clearing to be split. Eddie and Barry are leaving on Friday and they have to get a day of rest and relaxation in before they go - which means fishing!!! Twist my arm. I think we will hit the river. It is low right now which may be a good thing.
My work on the cupboards was done yesterday so I was out in the morning with the guys helping with the wood. Eddie and I were splitting - it really saves time having 2 people splitting. Plus it was great exercise!!! Some of those logs are heavy. My arms are still bruised. Oh well.
Tomorrow we work all day and get as much done as we can. We should get some good loads over to Randy's - John is all done. If we don't get it all done the logs will be accessible for them to split in our free time.
Time to rest and relax for tomorrow.
See ya Bye

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