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Sunday, April 11, 2010


The bar fridge in the sauna room - stocked with Kokanee @ $40/case!!! Mitch is happy!!
Mitch's new toy - or is it Joanne's??? First ride.

Got luggage???

Look what they got off the plane with!!!! And they are only staying 1 week??? But it's ok - the majority of the stuff is staying here - thank goodness. We were lucky we took the truck to pick them up. They spent the first nite at our place because by the time we got home it was 11pm - we ate at a place called Aurora's in the Sault - they had beautiful table tops made out of Copper Foil that I have decided I want for the top of the bar - when we finally get it done. I'll have to get on line and check it out and I know it won't be cheap but is it ever nice.

Mitch got a chance to ride his new quad this morning and he enjoyed it. We worked over at their place - they got the water going which was the project for today and NO LEAKS!! Joanne and I got the inside done - everything put away before their first official company arrived - John and Linda and Toby, the four wheeler riding dog. He jumps up behind you on the four wheelers and rides with you. Joanne has treats for him.
Joanne and Mitch are here to take their showers and dinner is ready - cranberry marmalade glazed ham, broccoli and mashed potatoes with sour cream and bacon and a salad. No desert!!! More work tomorrow - they put the eves troughs up - the snow was melting on the roof today and it was like it was raining !!
See Ya Bye

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