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Thursday, June 3, 2010


Tons of Tadpoles - if I was 7 I would have caught them using my mother's good strainer - she never knew, or did she?
Sucker with it's head out the hole in Rejean's net - ugly looking fish - funny mouths - but strong!!!

Another sucker

That's my bass but Rejean netted it and took it off the hook - I had the camera so I took the picture with him holding it.

Finally!!!! A had forgotten how beautiful they are and how golden - and how delicious. The ravens also feasted on the remains. Share the wealth.

Last nite after dinner Rejean asked if I wanted to go fishing - well the words were not fully out of his mouth and I was dressed and ready to go!! You don't have to ask twice. We got there about 7pm - just right if you hope to get some pickerel - which we did. I quickly had something on for a few minutes but it got off - then Rejean hooked into a rainbow and it too got off. Then I got a bass in the fast current - nice fight but it was let go as it is not in season yet. Then we both hooked into suckers!!!! In all our years up here we have never caught suckers in the Mississaugi River - and they were a good size. We figure because the water was so warm - 70 degrees - almost bath water. Rejean finally hooked into a pickerel and I netted it for him with my little net as his net, we discovered with a sucker, had a hole in it!!! We did not want to loose the pickerel. It was an adventure netting it but I did. AND we ate it today!!! Yum Yum.
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Anonymous said...

Nice fish Rejean, bet it tasted good too

Stacey said...

What does dad want for his birthday?

northernbliss said...

I am working on that - I'll let you know as soon as I find out.