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Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Tools of my trade - my bike, PicStik and a garbage bag and gloves.
I don't know what this is but I picked it up anyways.

Someone actually tried to hide this bag of beer cans and bottles in the culvert - shame on you !

10 cents a can and bottle - worth my time to cash these babies in - it's like throwing dimes out the window - this picture is not staged - I found it like this

My full time job is being retired but my other job is picking garbage from Highway 129 between Kego's Camp and the gravel pit. Actually LimberLost Lodge is responsible for that section but I stole the job from Ute when I moved up here. She has enough work to do so I took over the job. About twice a month or more if need be, I hop on my four wheeler and head out on the highway, looking for garbage. I have a PicStik that I use to pick up the garbage and I have a green garbage bag in my tote on my bike. I also wear gloves. I do not pick up juice bottles with yellow liquid in them - someone told me what is in them so I throw them in the bush with my PicStik. The truckers do not stop to pee so they pee in these bottles - YUK. But it always amazes me how much garbage there is on the side of the roads. I keep my section clean but it is disgusting to see the rest of the highway. People just roll down their windows and throw things out!!!! It is not by accident - it is on purpose - they have to make a conscientious effort to litter. You would think that when they are in the Great North and see the beauty here they would think twice before they throw their water bottles, beer bottles, cigarette packages, tissues, potato chip bags etc out the window. But sometimes I find treasures - I once found a new fish net, a full roll of duck tape, a child's life jacket plus other stuff.

Today I hit the proverbial jackpot in beer cans and bottles. Someone had thrown a bunch of cans down in the ditch by a culvert and, on closer inspection, there was also a bag of cans and bottles stuffed in the culvert!!! I retrieved $2.50 worth of cans and bottles!!! I don't get rich doing this but I'll take anything I can. And when I take my bag of garbage to the dump, they don't charge me for the bag. It is usually $3/bag. Thanks Dave.

So I am asking nicely - PLEASE DO NOT LITTER - there - what part of that statement do you not understand???
See Ya Bye

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Stacey said...

Looks like that unidentified object is a phone charger for the car.