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Saturday, June 12, 2010


Picture from Wikpedia - not my front yard!! But you get the picture...

In my travels within the past 3 days I have seen 2 bears!! That is a lot of sightings. Even the Trading Post had to shoo away a bear that was hanging around there the other day - Jake even let off a firecracker to scare it away. Joy on Axe Lake had a bear around her place last night for 45 minutes, trying to eat their bbq - they banged pots and pans, yelled and even threw stones at it and it still wouldn't leave. Ute called and said that someone or something had pushed over a rain gauge at the weather station. It had big rocks on its base to prevent that. She called me this morning to let me know because I am going to do the weather for her at 13:00 hrs. I went over to take some pictures and put the rocks back on the base - they were heavy!! So it looks like we have a hungry, not afraid of humans, big black bear in our neighbourhood so we will be on the lookout and the alert!!!

See Ya Bye


Anonymous said...

grin and bear it????

Anonymous said...

Why would YOU go alone without a gun ? ? ? Bears turn over rocks to get ants and grubs for food when they are VERY Hungrey , You are just another source of protien for a bear ! There is only one way to solve this problem .